January 18, 2018

      Introducing the NEOISF Mentor-Match Program

Introducing the NEOISF Mentor-Match Program

Over the past year, the board, has had several questions regarding mentor-ship. How to find mentors, how to find proteges, and ways that people can give back to the community.

Starting today, the NEOISF board is releasing its Mentor-Match Program. This is a double blind match-making program focused on connecting well matched members of the community to each other.

If you are a person ready to give back as a mentor, fill out the web form and the NEOISF board will connect you with proteges that match your skill set and commitment level.

NEOISF Mentor-Match — Mentors

If you are looking to connect with a mentor fill out the web form for proteges.

NEOISF Mentor-Match — Proteges

-NEOISF Board-


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