September 21, 2022

      NEOISF September 21 2022 Meeting – IN PERSON!!

—< 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
—< Pizza and social start 6:00 PM
—< Location: TrustedSec HQ @ 3485 Southwestern Blvd, Fairlawn, OH 44333
—< Open to everyone and free as always

The Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum will hold our monthly meeting at the above date and time.


Simple and Secure blogging, without WordPress
by: Charles Yost

Publishing a blog can be a scary thing. After you have decided you have something you want to share with the world, you are faced with the question of How? WordPress of course! Or not. Publishing with WordPress either means hosting yourself and keeping up with the latest patches to maintain it securely. Or hosting it with them and hoping that they keep up with it for you. And if you host it with them, and want to publish without advertisements you will end up paying them a monthly fee. Let’s break away from this insecure (and possibly costly) default. Because there is a better way. You can publish a static site for free, with no ads, and no patching to keep up with. And that is just what this talk will show you. Everyone has something to share, and with a few tools and some basic steps, you too can begin your blogging journey.

Lighting Round Talks

  • TBA

If you are interested in speaking send an email to and we can help you write your talk.

Don’t forget to come early, starting at 6:00 PM, for food and soda.

Another great meeting from NEO Info Sec Forum – we hope to see you there!

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