February 10, 2010

      About Us

The Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum is a 501(c)(6) non-profit professional organization for people interested in information security. Members are in the information security, networking, system administration/engineering, and IT industry who are either involved in or interested in the information security field. The composition of the membership range from professionals working in the public sector (at colleges, universities, government agencies) to private industry (banks, manufacturing, tech, services) to college students. The group comes together monthly to discuss issues, watch presentations from members and speakers from outside of the group, and demos of various tools and techniques in the information security arena.

Key goals, missions, and values…

  • Discuss security issues, emerging security threats & vulnerabilities, hacking techniques & trends, defense techniques & strategies, laws & regulations, recent trends in security
  • Learn security
  • Share knowledge and expertise
  • Share solutions to issues
  • Collaborate
  • Network with fellow info security peers
  • Conduct training programs for security and non-security people
  • Share experience with security products
  • Demo great tools and techniques

The forum was created in April of 2005 by Greg Feezel and Robert Wright. Initial meetings took place at the end of Northeast Ohio Cisco Users Group which were held in the Cisco building in Richfield, Ohio. Subsequent meetings have been held in Independence thanks to the support of Hurricane Labs.

Here we bring an unbiased group of technology experts/professionals from the greater Cleveland and Akron areas to discuss everything from the “How to’s” to the “Get ready’s” and “What abouts”.

We are non-profit, non-sales, no-fee, vendor-neutral community that provide each other with a hand in the area of security to face the ever increasing need to protect our computing infrastructure and companies we work for.

There is no cost or fee to belong to the forum and you aren’t required to attend the meetings to belong. Everyone involved in information security and/or IT are welcome to become a member.

The forum meets monthly in the evening on the third Wednesday of every month at a location to be announced prior to the meeting. It usually lasts 2 hours. The meetings consist of tutorials (training, etc) by members and outside of the group, group discussions, security trends update for the month (covering threats, tools, research), sometimes a basics/beginner section, best practices section, and tool demos. Topics covered range in level from beginner to advanced. See below for more information including directions to the location.

We encourage you to join us – see our membership page for details.

– NEO Info Sec Forum Board of Directors

[ board(at)neoisf.org ]


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