May 1, 2017

      NEOISF May 17th, 2017 Meeting

—< Wednesday May 17, 2017
—< 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
—< Pizza and social start 6:00 PM
—< Location: OEC at 4205 Highlander Pkwy Richfield, OH 44286
—< Open to everyone and free as always

The Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum will hold our monthly meeting at the above date and time.


Wikis for simple & effective documentation
by: Christopher Ursich

The reason people hate “doing documentation” is that their understanding of it is all wrong.  It’s not all their fault; documentation systems are usually terrible, and the author gets no value out of what he writes.  Done properly, wikis cut down these inhibitors at very little cost, and can significantly add to the efficacy of your team.

  • Chris Ursich has worked in infrastructure security for 15 years, in the higher-ed, manufacturing, SaaS, and insurance industries.  His favorite standards are ISO 8601 and ISO 216.

Hey I Got the Interview! Now what?!
by: Kenyon Mau

In this day and age, a lot of time and effort goes into hiring employees, especially in the security space.  Putting your  best foot forward when interviewing as well as interviewing for yourself is key to ensuring you are not moving into a difficult or toxic environment.  Additionally, with it being a small community, you want to always leave your options intact for future opportunities.

In this presentation, we will look at how to present yourself well in most interview situations ranging from phone interviews, to one-on-one interviews, to panel interviews.

    • Kenyon Mau is a successful human resources expert with over twenty years of experience as well as a passion for positively influencing an organization’s bottom line through the recruitment, retention, and development of talent.  He possesses a zest for innovation and creativity and has demonstrated these attributes in a variety of organizations of varying sizes, cultures, and needs.

Don’t forget to come early, starting at 6:00 PM, for food and soda, sponsored by TrustedSec.

Another great meeting from NEO Info Sec Forum – we hope to see you there!


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