December 3, 2015

      NEOISF December 16th, 2015 Meeting

—< Wednesday December 16, 2015
—< 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
—< Pizza and social start 6:00 PM
—< Location: OEC at 4205 Highlander Pkwy Richfield, OH 44286
—< Open to everyone and free as always

The Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum will hold our monthly meeting at the above date and time.


Gamify Security Awareness pt2
by Mike Woolard from OEConnection

Last month we covered how the idea for the Hack.Jam event we put together came about, all the events we ran, and some of the results of those events.  Part 2 will look at why I think the whole concept worked and the detail of the applications and games we used and how we ran the training.  We will take a look at various tools used including OWASP ZAP, Security Shepherd, bWapps and Webgoat.

Mike’s bio:
Mike is a security analyst who has worked in the IT field for 16+ years.  14 of those years were spent in various IT roles including SysAdmin, SysEngineer, DBA, and NetEngineer.  That experience has helped him in his current role, where Michael plays an integral part in all areas of the organization to help secure the processes and procedures.  Michael manages risk assessments and pentests of the various web applications OEC builds, and leads the security awareness & education program where he designed many workshops and puts on many events.  Mike has worked towards various certifications including the CISSP and CEH and is a contributing member of many local security organizations including Infragard, NEOISF, Clevesec and the Information Security Summit.


Ansible – Getting in over our heads
by Charles Yost from Binary Defense

A 45 minute deep dive into Ansible. The inner workings, all the possiblities, and how to really get into some trouble with it. Jam-packed with examples, this talk is intended to be a living cookbook/cheatsheet for when Ansible has you over a barrel, or it’s your turn in one.

Charles’s, BIO:
Charles Yost is currently a Security Developer at Binary Defense Systems. He has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years in a wide variety of roles including: Printer Technician, VoIP Systems Administrator, .Net Developer, and Web Developer. Throughout his life his number one passion is learning new skills. He can often be found researching and learning, attempting to keep up with the quickly evolving field of technology. Charles enjoys teaching and talking to others about technology and it’s many uses. He is a member of NEOISF, and attends as many InfoSec conferences as he can justify with his wife.


Don’t forget to come early, starting at 6:00 PM, for food and soda.

Another great meeting from NEO Info Sec Forum – we hope to see you there!


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