February 10, 2010

      Speakers and Presenters

Our community relies on the expertise of individuals and organizations to further our knowledge on products, procedures and best practices.

Our diverse culture of members is an exact replica of what you would find in any business. We have security minded technical professionals and managers/directors/VPs, network and system administrators, programmers, managers, operations personnel, and more with knowledge, experience and training that range from novices to experts/veterans.

If you are interested in speaking please email board(at)neoisf.org and someone from our organization will contact you with in the next few business days.

Why Speak at NEO Info Sec Forum Meeting?

The question is easier to state than to answer – there may be several reasons. Perhaps you learned something new and thought that you should share it with the community. Perhaps you are an industry expert and want to share your knowledge on a specific technology, tool, or technique. Perhaps your company provides a product or service that directly deals with security. Or perhaps you are interested in simply making a name for yourself. What ever the case maybe you have the opportunity to present to a large group of security minded technology professionals from Northeast Ohio.

Should you speak?

The ideal speakers and presenters are the men and women in the trenches every day. No one has more knowledge than those who deal with technology related security issues, practices and policies. We encourage our members to present and speak to fellow members.

We also encourage and accept outside speakers to step in and present on technology related security matters and products. The only stipulation for you as a presenter is that you keep the sales pitch to a minimum and be prepared to answer questions from novices as well as well established veterans.

Be a Speaker!

If you are interested in speaking or presenting to the NEOInfoSecForum.org Community, please email board(at)neoisf.org. Someone from our organization will contact you within a couple of days.


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